The Flick Story

  • What to consider in picking a database… posed to ChatGPT - When FLiK launches, it needs to support millions of users. Not ready to tell what it does…yet. To avoid technical debt in the future, the goal is to pick a database that will not need to be replaced at some inconvenient future point. It may not be possible, but we are looking at separating the […]
  • Finding a hotkey combo - We needed to find a hotkey for our FLiK application. I could have used a researcher to pile through technical documentation; I’ve done this before years ago. This time I did it in 2 minutes by using 4 prompts with ChatGPT. Very quickly, I learned about conflicts, was able to choose an alternative of CTRL-ALT-F […]
  • Purchased - I’ve been building the idea of FLIK for about 3 years. Prior to Ringlead being acquired by Zoominfo in September 2021, I had been consulting in the data sector. Post acquisition, I needed to focus on a new sector (other than data) so I dove into FLiK, which was one of my productivity ideas. My […]

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