I’ve been building the idea of FLIK for about 3 years. Prior to Ringlead being acquired by Zoominfo in September 2021, I had been consulting in the data sector. Post acquisition, I needed to focus on a new sector (other than data) so I dove into FLiK, which was one of my productivity ideas.

My core thinking: What software can I build to save someone 5 seconds every minute and 5 minutes every hour?

5 minutes per hour is 40 minutes in an 8 hour day or 3.33 hours per week.

3.33 hours per week hovers around 4 weeks per year depending on the quantity of vacations and holidays. A worthy goal.

Before I get attacked, I should pontificate on one point: No technology will be as efficient as fostering good habits. With this in mind, flik.com will be focused on best practices and technology. My biggest concern: What will happen with those extra weeks of productivity? What would be fair is that is split between time off for the workers and productivity gains for the company.

What is FLiK? Stay tuned. I will be releasing some free apps first.

The goal is to first release some widely-used loss leaders.

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